Development: Plymouth

St Neotts Surgery, Plymouth


Oakdeane was approached by a Development Company, which held planning permission to build a Medical Centre. They had prior experience in developing retail units and flats but retained minimal expertise or funds with which to drive development of a Medical Centre. On their behalf, we approached known Oakdeane associate investors and shared our vision of what could be done. We offered a full package of information, including all due diligence, full lending package, a development appraisal and proposed timescales.

Our associates were informed of the likely capital outlay and an agreement in principal was reached to proceed with the project. The land was acquired, development lending was organised, project managers and contractors were appointed and building work duly commenced.

The 12 month project was delivered on schedule in June 2015. It was brought-in on spec, on time and most pleasingly - under budget! Unsurprisingly our clients are delighted!