An overview of what we do

Oakdeane is a seamless, fully integrated solution for property investors focussing on commercial property - particularly medical centre opportunities. Our continued evolution reflects our record of success.

Our opportunities are carefully analysed, by us and by our professional advisors before being offered to our Clients as recommended investments.

We target Medical Investments

Medical facilities are recognised as one of the most secure forms of property investment, providing long-term leases and rents underwritten by UK.Gov.

Since 2006 Oakdeane has identified and acquired forty-one medical investment opportunities whose value currently exceeds £71.5m* and which currently provide annual rental incomes of over £5m.*  

And conventional property too...

Oakdeane also acts for clients seeking mainstream commercial property investments, ranging from supermarkets to leisure properties. 

Since our inception, the value of commercial property acquired for our clients exceeds £18.5m.

Our public and private Clients

When purchasing investment property we usually recommend forming a new Limited Company, with each investor taking shares relative to their level of investment. In most cases no personal guarantees are required of investors. Oakdeane commonly acts for two distinct types of Client investors, as follows…


We act on behalf of a number of investment groups – typically like-minded individuals who wish to buy property, but who want to spread their risk across multiple options. Stakes can vary from 5% to 45%, and the price of a stake might start at £50,000. This approach enabled one group to jointly purchase a Medical Centre.

Private Individuals

Typically these might be high net-worth individuals who seek investment property opportunities. Many will be active in medicine and will understand the attraction of investing in medical facilities. In some cases SIPP or SAS pension schemes can be incorporated into the purchase collateral.

Our services


We source properties through an extensive network of contacts. Our reputation is such that we are sometimes approached directly by those offering prime properties for sale.


Development Funding: In addition to traditional property investments and funding, Oakdeane can organise management and collateral for a variety of development projects. Whether the proposal involves finance via a lending institution or a joint venture with a builder or developer, we will derive the most cost effective and profitable option and advise our clients accordingly.

The Oakdeane team is expert and has successfully concluded numerous development projects. For your interest, we offer case study examples.


We have considerable expertise in effective delivery from conception to completion - working hand-in-hand with lawyers, valuers, funders and other professionals.


We can oversee any project from start to finish, liaising with builders, project managers, and others however required. We also engage in contract negotiations in order to protect the client’s investment.

Our integrated management services

Property maintenance: We ensure that property under our management is maintained to a high standard and retained in full working order. Repairs, when required, are expedited quickly and effectively.

Legal support: On our Clients behalf, we will instruct and liaise with legal advisors from purchase to completion and on any post-completion matter that may arise.

Rent collection and bill payment: Our backroom team issue rent demands and check that payments are received correctly and on time. The provision includes Corporation Tax and VAT etc. In most cases we are signatories for the companies for whom we provide management services.

Insurance: We administer and issue insurance payment requests and deal with claims.

Rent Reviews: We monitor rent levels and appoint apt professional specialists to carry out rent reviews and increases in order to achieve healthy property revenues.

Accounting: We handle all aspects of property accounting and submit the appropriate annual tax accounting records - including annual accounts and VAT returns.

Advice: We continually offer advice to our clients, including periodic valuation updates and timely selling recommendations - especially if market peaks suggest a high yield.

*as at July 2015